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Quality Control

Quality control is part of quality management. This ensures that anything built will be usable by a client. Quality management measures the quality of a unit against the established standards to determine whether something is up to par. Contractors should always ensure they are using quality materials. This also prevents later rework since they can prove the materials weren’t faulty, to begin with. It also can prevent expensive lawsuits due to any issues because of poor quality materials.

Organizational Chart and Documentation

The first part of a construction quality control plan will be an organizational chart. This allows the company to determine who is responsible for what. Having a page that shows the process and flow makes it easier to remember. It’s also a great reference page in case anyone forgets.

Set the Responsibilities

The next section of a construction quality control plan should specify the responsibilities of the quality control manager. It should also guarantee certain rights or powers to the quality control manager. The responsibilities form lists out each of the individual duties so they can reference it at any moment. General responsibilities include preparing, approving and implementing the construction quality control plan, maintaining documents, verifying materials, etc.. However, the details and responsibilities should be laid out so there is no confusion. There should also be a Stop Work Authorization Letter. This letter, signed by the owner or stakeholders, gives the quality control manager the ability to stop work that is noncompliant to the standards, or with materials that don’t pass the test.

Phases of Inspection

There should be a section in the construction quality control plan that specifies the phases for inspection. Often times there are preparatory meetings before certain elements are built to go over specifications, crew, and more. There is usually an initial inspection, which verifies inspection and testing, establishes workmanship level and verifies it, as well as re-examines work. Finally, there is the follow-up inspection. This ensures that the final product is up to code and follows quality control procedures. The quality control manager will ask contractors to replace any materials or parts that need to be.

Quality Control Testing and Verifications

The final section of the construction quality control plan has to cover a lot of ground. This section covers the testing, verification, submittals, tracking, and weekly logs. It lays out the tests that will be administered, the time frame the quality control manager must give before the test, what to happen when a test fails, how the records will be stored, and the procedures around it. And it should also have a schedule of agencies that will test and inspect, the field they will inspect, the estimated date and real date.